MBA distance-learning schedule - without attendance
  • E-learning Phase: After registering on our homepage and a successful admission by the Burgenland University the first four (out of eight) modules will be activated. Thereafter follows the E-learning phase that is accompanied by our substantial and individual support (you can always reach out to us in case of any substantial or organization questions via mail, Skype or phone).
  • Entry Test: You decide when you want to do the first Entry test (= multiple choice test, mainly between the fourth and the eighth month). This Entry test refers to the first four modules and can be taken everywhere. All that you need is either a PC or laptop with a camera plugged in, so we can take photos of you through Snap-Shot-technology while you are answering the test. To prepare for the exam the multiple choice questions can be tried as often as wanted on our E-learning platform.


  • Homework: After successfully passing the Entry test you receive certain instructions for homework. For each module you have to do some homework. The homework basically consists of applied studies because our students shall be capable to turn theoretical knowledge into practice. Our students are entitled to even take their own company as an illustrative example for the homework. If you want to graduate from the MBA distant learning program within minimum duration than you should deliver your homework after approximately one month – if you want to extend the duration of your study you can deliver your homework later as well. But please be aware that the maximum study duration must not exceed 36 months.


  • E-learning phase: Simultaneously to the homework the remaining four modules (out of eight in total) will be activated on our E-learning platform.


  • Entry Test: Thereafter follows the second Entry test (look at point 2).


  • Homework: After successfully passing the Entry test for all four additional modules you will receive the instruction for the homework to be done.


  • Master thesis: After finishing the E-learning phase you entirely dedicate yourself to the master thesis.


  • Final exam: This will be basically conducted by web-to-go. What does that mean? You do not have to visit the university. During the final exam that lasts for half an hour you present your master thesis for about 15 minutes and then there will be a discussion about your master thesis – just to make sure you have written it yourself.


If all works out properly you will receive the MBA from the University Burgenland finally