MBA Finance - without attendance

Study when and where you want

Start: Anytime possible

Type: MBA Distance Learning without attendance days

Languages: Available in German or English

Duration: 14 months

Academic Degree: Master of Business Administration – MBA, awarded by the Burgenland   University of Applied Sciences

Price: €8,900  Financing Options & Subsidies

Studying at the e-learning Award Winner 2015 & 2016 & 2018

Eight e-learning modules provide the essential fundamental knowledge necessary to deepen such knowledge and its context through the on-campus studies comparing it to one’s own practical experience; the modules are prepared having applied the highest standards focusing towards the relevant contents for the career development of leadership positions. The practical experience and knowledge of the authors and lecturers, but also of the participants sharing their own experience contribute to the success of this program. Such blended learning format is based on the outstanding transfer of knowledge, but also on the transfer of practical skills – the application of knowledge facilitates the understanding of interrelations and safeguards sustainability.

Course Objectives & Target Groups

To concentrate actual knowledge and the core competences of the Finance-management, and, at the same time, to enable lower and middle Finance-Managers obtain leading positions that encompass multitude functions, which ultimately results in the management of the entire company.

The employees of lower and medium levels of commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations as well as non-governmental organizations from Finance-related functions (Accounting, Controlling, Treasury, etc.) are the target group of the program, which facilitates their career advancement.