Your Advantages – Your MBA Distance Learning Programs
Distance Learning in the e-learning formate: Digital & Modern
Study part-time or postgradual
Study wherever and whenever you want
Short program duration
Top rated lectors and authors
Study without a high school diploma
Officially recognized Austrian universities and colleges for applied sciences
Legally recognized and accredited throughout Europe
Unique Selling Proposition of our MBA programs:
  • MBA Distance Learning with interactive e-learning: Enjoy your study! The ELC method is unique! We do not offer e-books or video shots of seminars. The comprehension of contents is made achieved by deploying various learning tools such as texts, graphics, audios, videos, examples, case studies).
  • Extra-occupational learning
  • Our e-learning contents have been developed by lecturers teaching at top rated universities in their home countries and abroad; our lectors and authors are currently teaching on 18 universities and colleges for applied sciences.
  • “Blended Learning“ is a combination of distance learning and on-campus classes. We offer blended learning courses including only a minimum of mandatory attendance days (3 – 12.5 on-campus days for the MBA programs).
  • Learning contents of the MBA programs are established from practice for practice. Our lecturers and authors are experienced management consultants or senior executives.
  • After graduation you are in the position to apply the acquired state-of-the-art instruments to your day-to-day tasks as we provide practice-oriented case studies.
  • We provide support whenever there are questions about the contents and guarantee a feedback within 24 hours.
  • Complete your MBA program within 14 months.
  • Master thesis using as a scientific project assignment applying a case study from your own enterprise
  • Get your practice-oriented MBA without the detour of a bachelor degree, but with practical experience instead.
  • Studying without a high school diploma is possible.
  • Officially accredited Austrian universities and colleges for applied sciences
  • Legally recognized and accredited in the EU
  • Top quality for a top price